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Eric and his Follies buddy Sandra Benton were invited to perform in the monthly music revue Up With a Twist at Rockwell Table and Stage. The show consists of familiar tunes done in a fresh way. Sandra and Eric cooked up an acapella medley structured loosely around rain songs and hand claps. Others on the bill that night included Joanne Worley, Jm. J Bullock and Kate Flannery. 






The Firecracker Follies celebrated the Fourth of July and Eric's Maleficent made an appearance to curse the audience for not inviting her to this year's festivities. Luckily, Wonder Woman was on hand to save the day.



Eric traveled back to his home town of Walnut Creek to perform with his good friends Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Sesame Street's Abby Caddaby) and Lolly in the Chevron Family Theatre Festival. Leslie and Eric met as teenagers in Walnut Creek doing shows at what is now the Lesher Center. It was a thrill to be back on those stages doing a show filled with puppets, costumes and music.

Eric's obsession with The Manhattan Transfer was compiled into a tribute website when the group's founder, Tim Hauser, passed away in October. Eric has loved their music since childhood and had been recording all the parts (acapella)  to their famous recordings as a fun hobby. It is now available for listening at:


The Fruitcake Follies returned with a fresh new show, sold out crowds and standing ovations.




The Firecracker Follies played at the Cavern Club in Silverlake's

Casita Del Campo. Eric trotted out his Sparky the Scout, Bacon and Wonder Woman shtick.



Eric and an ensemble of his actor friends created the show My Awkward Years which played two runs at the Cavern Club. In it, each performer relived and reenacted an embarrassing or "awkward" moment from their distant and not so distant past. Eric's involved Charlie's Angels, Little House on the Prairie and auditioning for local theater.




The Fruitcake Follies celebrated it's 15 year anniversary with a "Best of" show that featured Eric's infamous "Jingle Dolls" number.






Eric shot the film The Good Kind where he played Charity Ball - a drag queen bar owner with a heart of gold who utters the film's title in response to the question "What kind of person are you?". This touching and funny short film played at Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival  and won an Audience Favorite award.   



The Fruitcake Follies went Hawaiian this year with

an island-themed show.



Eric and Follies pal Dena Drotar staged DEENIE MARTINI and THE COCKTAILS WEENIES - a zippy, musical revue set in the late '60s. Eric arranged much of the music and played "confirmed bachelor" Arthur - one of Deenie's best friends. The show had two successful runs at the Cavern Club.



INVINCIBLE - THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN returned to theCavern Club with Eric stepping in at the last moment to play the slimy villain "Mr. Pyatt".






Eric serves as musical director for INVINCIBLE - THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN which is the musical version of the 1985 movie The Legend of Billie Jean and told through the music of Pat Benatar. Performances are April 20 and 21 and April 28 and 29 at 9 pm at The Cavern Club in Casita Del Campos.




Eric has created Gay Bo! Tired of those super macho workouts? Then Gay Bo is for you! See Eric as Christian Tolliver in this new fitness craze sweeping the nation...and Facebook....and Funny or Die...and You Tube. Go to www.gayboworkout.com and watch the videos.




Eric was once again in The Fruit Cake Follies at

The Cavern Club Theater in Silverlake





Eric was celebrating America in

The Firecracker Follies at

The Cavern Club Theater at

Casita Del Campo in Silverlake.








Eric became a full-time cast member of the annual Fruit Cake Follies holiday show at

the Cavern Club Theater at

Casita Del Campo in Silverlake.





An encore presentation of Eric's cabaret show (with bonus tracks)! Tuesday, October 6th


The Cavern Club Theater, at Casita Del Campo, 8pm

1920 Hyperion Ave., Silverlake, CA  90027

Call 310-662-4255 for reservations or go to www.cavernclubtheater.com



You missed Eric's new cabaret show!

Tuesday, May 12th


Cavern Club Theater @ Casita Del Campo Restaurant. 1920 Hyperion Ave., Silverlake, CA




The internet series: The NoHo Show



Eric plays the recurring character of "Arthur" in this mockumentary take on the North Hollywood theater community. Stop by the site and see!  www.thenohoshow.com 



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Eric plays the recurring role of the deadpan receptionist for the psychiatrist to world famous villains in the web series "Shrinking Characters".  You can catch that at the link:





Coming this Christmas - Eric will be seen in the upcoming holiday tv movie "Our First Christmas", starring Dixie Carter and John Ratzenberger. IMDB




Sorry you missed Eric in these performances:


Neil Simon's

California Suite!


One weekend only - February 8th, 9th and 10th.  CA Suite is playing at: Actor's Workout Studio, 4735 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA   91602.


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Once Upon A Park Bench

Eric performed in two pieces in The Actor's Workout Studio's Once Upon A Park Bench, the continuation of "The Bench" - a bunch of one acts all taking place on the same park benches.


Eric penned two sketches in the show, "Family Traditions" and "The Best Man", and performed in "The Best Man", as well as the sketch called "Family Picnic".



The Bench                                         

Featured with Ellen Dimler (right) in a piece he wrote himself, titled The Invitation, Eric performed at the Actor's Workout Studio in The Bench, An Anthology of Life.




Last Holiday season, Eric was seen in ONLY TWELVE DAYS ‘TIL XMAS at the Actor's Workout Studio.  It featured a monologue Eric both wrote and performed about the perils of being a professional Christmas Caroler - something Eric knows all about.  He was also featured as a magician’s loyal assistant in another one of the evening’s original Christmas-themed pieces.


Eric was in BLYTHEVILLE, a short film completed by Johnny Cho for the 48 Hour National Film Challenge. Eric portrayed a pie-in-the-sky aspiring writer on a road trip with his sister that leads them to Hollywood. For more info on this flick, visit their website: www.blythevillemovie.com


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Eric sang and danced in LORI AND THE BOYS over the past year at the wacky Cavern Club Theater in Casita Del Campos.  This four person cabaret show allowed Eric to perform some of his favorite numbers.  Here’s what Gina Zollman of Cabaret Commentary had to say: 


“I just adored the loony Viking-looking Eric Seppala's funky take on "Twisted" (a total gem), and his show-stopping, wacky novelty piece, "Cave Man", which could be the premise of an entire sitcom, a genre this multi-talented singer/comedian is surely destined for.”



LOVE IN PIECES appeared in the Spring of 2006 and was a collection of original one-act plays at The Actors Workout Studio.  In it Eric had the chance to play both a drunken loser and a highly strung newlywed with an aversion to ceramic ducks in two of the evening’s pieces.



In February of 2006 Eric was an invited performer in BOYZ NITE OUT – an evening of male cabaret singers at the 1020 Club in the Bel Age Hotel.


Eric is a member of The Actor’s Workout Studio in the NoHo Arts  District.  In addition to acting classes, the studio offers a writers workshop where both writers and actors participate in the readings and productions of original pieces.  For more information on AWS please visit www.actorsworkout.com.





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